8 Apps Every Nigerian Should Have

More and more Nigerian apps are being developed daily. Most of these apps are targetted at solving some very Nigerian problems while some are just aimed to entertain. So whichever your taste is, whether it’s entertainment or lifestyle, business or productivity, here are some apps you absolutely should have.

  1. All Naija Music App.

We Nigerians love and are proud of our music and we will gladly slander anybody who says otherwise(just ask Mr. Eazi). The all Naija music app provides you with a hub for all things Nigerian music. You don’t have to scratch your head wondering where to download that song you can’t get out of your head. All Naija Music App allows you stream and download Nigerian music on the go without any hassles.

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2. Eko: Naija Chase

Everyone who lives in Lagos knows driving in the big city can get very intense. The Naija Chase game puts you in driver’s sit racing across familiar roads in Lagos city. This is a game you should be keeping a keen eye on — We just may have some freebies for its players. *wink*

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3. Tiro

This one is perfect for Owambe. Get a professional makeup artist to deliver that steller makeup and Gele to go with the perfect outfit. Guys, this is one you want to tell your woman about. It’s surprsingly affordable too, starting from 5,000 Naira you can get your hair and make-up done to perfection.

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4. Recipes from Nigeria

Say No To Over Spiced Meals! Get recipes and a cooking guide to your favourite meals with this very resourceful app. We undoubtedly have some of the most tasteful meals in Nigeria. Let your taste buds explore some amazing dishes with this app.

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5. Pidgin Bible

Just imagine the look on your pastor’s face when you stand up to read the bible in Pidgin at your next sunday school meeting. Lol. Reading the bible just become more fun with this app which translates the text in the bible to pidgin english even for audio. This puts a humorous spin to studying the word and is certainly a must have.

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6. Amebo

The name might mean gossip but this app actually provides quality information from all the happenings in the country. You can get up to speed with the latest events, news, innovations and of course, amebo with this surprisingly very useful app.

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7. Funny Nigerian Pictures

If you ever need to kick back and have a good laugh, this is the perfect app for you. With a plethora of a hilarious Nigerian memes, this might just be the best 2 MB you ever spent.

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8. The Billionaire’s Club

For everyone who wants to become the next Dangote, this one is for you. This scenario-based investment game is aimed at the average Nigerian. In a manner not too dissimilar to monopoly, the game presents players with typical expenditure and investment opportunities while allowing them to test their business nous in a virtual, yet accurate Nigerian economy.

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