Big Guy Vs Small Guy Conundrum


First of all, let me address something. This isn’t about a 6-foot guy fighting a Midget. It isn’t even the David and Goliath story, at least not literally, but there is an overwhelming sense & a tendency for people to gravitate towards bigger brands rather than the smaller up and comer. It’s a classic case of famzing (lol).

There is nothing wrong with patronizing a big brand, heck if they offer better value, you should.  However, never close your eye to the small business on the rise, Remember every “Google” started off as a “small start-up”. So today before you try out another big foreign fashion brand just remember to at least check out that guy your friend told you about. The guy who also makes great clothes and is probably even more affordable. Before you buy a new piece of electronics you may want to know what the up and comers in electronic are up to. You’ll be amazed by the great things that lesser known brands are doing.

Also, like before you download an App from, I don’t know, let’s say Play store, you could check out an alternative *Cough* MALIYO *Cough*.

I know you’re thinking the whole point of this article was to lure you, only to market to you. SMH, We honestly don’t know where you may have gotten such presumptuous ideas from!


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