Why Every Nigerian should Download the Maliyo App

First-time Smartphone users are often overwhelmed by the collection of Apps to download and how to really choose which will be useful to their everyday lives. They often find it difficult to search for Apps which suits their interest, so they tend to stick with the popular apps pre-loaded on their device which don’t always come with Nigeria developed Apps. Now, with Maliyo App you have a place to go to for everything Nigerian app related.

With the Maliyo App, the Nigerian App development scene has being revolutionized. On your mobile phones, you can have your Mobile banking apps with Nigerian business directory, lifestyles, Health and fitness Apps alongside action games such as the Molue, Naija trooper or the Niger delta commando; and adventure games like baba Lasisi and rapid response squad; or Arcade games like Monkey Banana and Kids game such as Thomas and friends and Pepi house.

The Apps are collected into a well arranged and carefully designed space. In terms of presence and visibility, Nigeria developed Apps, before now, are often unable to stand the superior strength of Popular Apps, but all that is about to change with the advent of Maliyo App store. Nigerian tech creative minds have found a space to house their own unique creations.

To some people, maneuvering through the usual Google play store is often a not so easy task, you are faced with an endless array of Apps to choose from and it can get quite confusing. But on Maliyo, apps have been collected in such a way that allows for ease of access to relevant apps.

The games developed by the studio are much inspired by the Nigerian culture particularly through graphics and style. And that is what makes, Maliyo very unique in its own right.

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