Tiro, PremChat & Anointed Games Feature On Maliyo This Week


On the Maliyo Store this week, we have some new entries, including a beauty app – Tiro, an instant messaging app which aims to rival WhatsApp as well as a Christian based adventure, an all in one Nigerian radio app and an app that can allow you earn free airtime.

Tiro – As you may have guessed already is geared towards the slay queens. This app offers on-demand service for people who need a quick (or maybe not so quick) makeover. The app allows for both makeup artist and users to find a common platform to meet and exchange services.  This one is certainly one to watch out for in the future.

Slide Airtime –  When you’re not sliding into people’s DM, you may want to slide into his app. This app surprisingly allows you to earn free airtime without a lot of hassle (notice we sad without a lot of hassle as opposed to no hassle). Don’t get your hopes too high though, some recent users have complained that the app doesn’t give out as many goodies as it used to when it first launched. However, it is free and really doesn’t cost anything so we recommend you check it out still.

Anointed Games, Chronicles of Laftu –  This is one very unique game, taking inspiration from stories from the bible, chronicles of Laftu provide a throwback to our Sunday school days as kids while also providing a very likable character to play with. All in all, a solid game.

Premchat – Yes, this app bares some striking similarities to a certain app you may have heard of (i think it’s called WhatsApp, or something). However, Premchat does offer speech to text chat options and super useful search panel that allows you find new users. Whether or not, it will hold up to the competition. Only time will tell.

Nigeria Radio –  This isn’t your typical radio app. This curates all Nigerian content from radio stations from around the world and presents to you in one handy app. Perfect app to have if you are in diaspora and feeling homesick.


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