Uber vs Taxify – Which Is The King of On-demand Taxi?

The battle for the king of the On Demand Taxi has been raging on for years now and at the two major competitors remain Uber and Taxify (no, we haven’t forgotten Oga taxi). Both apps offer very similar services but there have been many a dispute over which offers the best value.

Uber is the bigger brand and arguably the more popular but Taxify seems to have more coverage, as areas such as Igando and Ikotun barely ever get any Uber drivers as opposed to Taxify.

The user interface is similar, though it’s arguable that Taxify¬†attempts to overcomplicate itself with its app design. This is very obvious if you’re switching from Uber to Taxify for the first time. The process of requesting a ride on Taxify can feel a bit (and this is a little bit) more of a task.

Now where it gets interesting is the Price. The Pricing system of both is not too dissimilar so it’s a very difficult to outrightly state which is more expensive. So this one, more than the others, is very open to debate.

Either way, we’d leave you to Judge.

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