Do Consumers Really Hate Making In-App Purchases?

We’ve all been there, you’re having that insane run on candy crush or having the thrill of your life on your karaoke app and you get to that point, the crossroads when you have to fork out a few extra penny for some in-app purchase. In most cases, it isn’t always a must, In-app purchases will often offer a cheaper (and obviously, lesser value) alternative. At this point, we all are split into one of two categories. The thrill-seeking ones who wouldn’t let something as trivial as money stop their fun, or the skeptic, pocket thinking one, who heeds to the inner voice and retreats to either close the app or continue enjoying its free services.

In this part of the world, a large majority of people fall into the later, and while its easy to quickly say the reasons are obvious — no one likes to part ways with money, especially in a country where a vast majority of its population do not have sufficient disposable income, however a closer examination might reveal something a bit more interesting.

The problem with in-app purchases is not just the cost, it’s the medium. Digital payments still carry an air of skepticism in this part of the world so having to take out your debit card to make payments feels like a long stretch considering the value to be obtained from the purchase. Also, no one likes having to type a bunch of numbers like debit card numbers, CVC, and OTP before making payments, but what if they didn’t have to.

If all you had to do to make an in-app purchase was use your airtime then maybe this changes the conversation entirely. No more CVC worries, just one button, and TADA! you made a purchase.

While this comes with a whole bunch of questions of its own, it also presents maybe the most reasonable way to approach a problem that is more behavioral than we’d like to admit.

We in Nigeria, are light years away (obvious exaggeration) from fully acclimatizing to digital payments but just maybe if developers approached monetizing their content differently, it may yield real rewards.

That concept is at least what MonaPay suggests and it’s a suggestion we should all consider.

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