What’s New On The Maliyo Store This Week?

This Week On Maliyo Store you can catch some amazing apps including a fortune teller app and a 2d platformer that can rival the legendary bounce game. So without much ado let’s start with a game you hate to admit how much you need



Mathematics isn’t everyone’s best friend, sadly it’s an essential knowledge we all should have. Easy maths makes learning maths fun. it’s geared towards kids but adults can also pick a thing or two from this app. It’s simple, direct and is sure to be a favorite amongst kids.

Download Easy Maths 



If you are looking for investment opportunities for your business, BOI is certainly the app for you. Providing you with all the key insights with potential loans and requirements to get started. The app is most certainly a welcome development for entrepreneurs and Small business owners.

Download BOI SME App




Ever wished you could just look through a crystal ball and know your fate each day? Well, we’ve switched crystal balls for a wheel of fortune but never worry you will still be getting your daily dose of fortune telling. Spin the wheel of fortune and learn your fate each day from our all-wise ORACLE. Spoiler alert:  Be ready to laugh out your chair when you read them.

Download Wheel of Fortune



Color code is different in every way imaginable. It’s a 2d platformer that is sure to make you fall in love with colors again. The platforming on this game is second to turn and the gameplay is as straightforward as it is addictive. The best 2D platformer since BOUNCE in my opinion.

Download Color Code


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